Xcam SLS Guide for Ghost Hunters

An Introduction to the Xcam SLS

The Xcam SLS is a portable and stationary video camera that has a variety of ghost hunting features that regular cameras do not have.

Have you ever wondered what the real-life Ghost Buster machine would look like? The Xcam SLS is the embodiment of everything a ghost hunter could dream of. If you’ve seen the Ghost Adventures episode where they investigate the St. James Hotel, then you have seen this futuristic tool in action and how much it contributed to the investigation.

This device is equipped with ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing, and light frequency sensing, all features that make a paranormal investigator’s job easier while providing scientific evidence that brings credibility to the field of ghost hunting.

This guide will introduce you to the origins of the Xcam SLS, how to use it, how to recognize false positives, and how to get the best results.

What Is an Xcam SLS?

An Xcam SLS is a structured light sensor camera system. It comes with a tablet with pre-loaded software and it records 10 minutes of footage at a time. Its features include ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing, and light frequency sensing.

Ultrasonic sensing is one of the best ways to determine an object’s location with respect to the device. These sensors work by sending out sound waves at a frequency above the range of human hearing.  The high-frequency sound waves are reflected from the object’s surface and produce distinct echo patterns. The transducer of the sensor acts as a microphone that sends and receives the ultrasonic sound. These devices are highly reliable and can, in some cases, help detect the proximity of spirits during an investigation.

The thermal temperature sensing feature displays changes in the temperature around the device. The sensors detect the radiant energy of heat sources in the form of energy emitted in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since spirits are said to manipulate temperatures causing cold spots and hot spots, this feature can provide additional evidence that a spirit may be present.

The light frequency sensor converts light into a digital measurement of frequency in the form of a graph. The graph shows a square wave or pulse stream, the frequency of which is linearly proportional to the intensity of the light. This feature provides an in-depth scientific analysis of the environment that adds credibility to the results of any investigation, helping investigators see disembodied apparitions with the help of advanced technology.

The Xcam SLS is a digital device as it records and stores data that can be downloaded onto other devices. It records 10 minutes of footage at a time which keeps file sizes smaller and more manageable. The online instructions on digitaldowsing.com remind users to make sure that the device is fully charged at the beginning of every investigation. 

A Brief History of the Xcam SLS

The Xcam SLS was invented by retired electronics engineer Bill Chappel who founded digitaldowsing.com. Bill is well-known in the paranormal community and is often seen on popular ghost hunting tv shows.

Despite being a skeptic, Bill has had his own paranormal experiences, which have fueled his passion for creating scientific tools made specifically for ghost hunting. Some of his experiences include witnessing full-body apparitions, having things thrown at him or ripped out of his hands, and having conversations with the dead using the devices that he’s created. Despite all this, he still doesn’t believe that ghosts are the spirits of dead people, but he does believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena that have yet to be explained.

In an attempt to explain and measure some of these phenomena, Bill created a long list of devices over the course of the past decade. Some of these devices have become part of the modern-day paranormal investigator’s lexicon. It all started with the Paranormal Puck, which evolved into the ECM Puck.

Then came the Ovilus, which has been upgraded more than 6 times throughout his career. He also created the PX, the Talking Sonic Reaser, the Reverse EVP, the ThermaSound, the God Helmet, the IRUV Strobe, the Photon Drone, the EM Pump, the Vortex Pump, the Biometric Reader, the Gravity Well, the Atmospheric Sampling Arrary, the Dual Head Laser, the Digital Dowsing Rods, the 3D EM Reder, the Micro EMF meter, the FM Ghost Box and several more.

The Xcam SLS made its debut on Ghost Adventures season 9, episode 8, where the team investigates the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM. This location once housed several famous people from the Old West, including Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and Annie Oakley. During their lockdown, the team use the Xcam SLS to investigate reports of an ill-tempered spirit in the previously sealed-off Room 18 and gather compelling evidence of a haunting.

The device is also featured in season 10, episode 1 of Ghost Adventures, where the team investigates the famous Queen Mary military ship in Long Beach, CA. The ship, which is now a hotel, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the world, and the Ghost Adventures crew use the Xcam SLS to investigate reports of multiple apparitions and the voices of a former crewman and a little girl.

What Is the Xcam SLS Used for in Paranormal Investigations?

The Xcam SLS is used primarily to determine the position of an entity within the environment, as well as its movements. When activated, the sensors pick up “anomalies” in the form of stick figures. If a living person were to stand in front of the device, it would map that person with a stick figure and follow the person’s movements. If a stick figure were to appear spontaneously, without a living person being the trigger, this would be considered a positive hit and possible evidence of a spirit.

This evidence becomes even more compelling when investigators ask the spirit to perform a specific action. For example, the team might ask the spirit to raise its left arm and wave. In this instance, if the stick figure can be seen raising its left arm on command, this is evidence of an intelligent spirit, and it eliminates the possibility of a false positive.

False positives can be caused by anything that resembles the human shape. A mannequin or a painting of a person will often map as a stick figure, and these instances should be considered false positives. It’s also important to try and keep the device as still and level as possible in order to ensure that the sensors are getting the most accurate reading possible. The user guide on the Digital Dowsing website states that starting the device without any readings will significantly decrease the chances of false readings.

The best thing about the Xcam SLS is that it has multiple forms of measurement in one device. Not only are you able to see stick figures identifying the placement and movement of potential spirits, but you can also view real-time changes in the temperature, distance, and ambient light on the right-hand side of the display. A combination of all of the different forms of measurement is what makes for compelling, credible evidence of paranormal activity.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using this device for your investigations. Turning off the tablet will turn off the Xcam SLS, so be sure to keep the tablet on while in use so that you don’t accidentally lose your recording. If you put the tablet on sleep mode, the camera will continue recording. The Micro-USB cable is delicate and should be removed carefully. It is best practice to avoid installing any other programs onto the tablet as this could interfere with the Xcam SLS software and cause problems.

Alternative Uses for the Xcam SLS

The Xcam SLS is a one-of-a-kind gadget that was created for the sole purpose of ghost hunting, but SLS technology was originally created for gaming. The Kinect was the first brand to use this type of technology and was originally developed as a motion controller peripheral for Xbox video game consoles.

Kinect gaming systems use infrared projectors and sensors that map depth through structured light or time of flight calculations, which perform real-time gesture recognition and body-skeletal detection. The technology used by the Xcam SLS is an evolution of the Kinect with more accurate mapping capabilities and more ghost hunting friendly features.

The Xcam SLS Is an Essential Tool for Paranormal Investigators

Every paranormal investigator needs an Xcam SLS in their tool kit. If you’ve ever wanted to see a spirit, or at least know if it’s standing right behind you, this device can be the eyes on the back of your neck and help provide scientific evidence of the paranormal.

With this information, you should now have a solid understanding of how the Xcam SLS works and why it’s essential for paranormal investigations. All that’s left for you to do is grab your own gear and start looking for stick figures at a haunted location near you.

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