The Haunted History of Union Cemetery, Easton CT

Cemeteries are notorious as haunting hot spots, but Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut, has been mentioned in more paranormal books than any other cemetery in the United States. Home of the renowned “White Lady,” who roams the cemetery grounds, this plot of land offers easy access from the junction of Routes 136 and 59 and is right next to Easton Baptist Church.

Union has garnered more attention recently since Ed and Lorraine Warren, the celebrated husband and wife ghost hunting team and demonologists, are also buried there. 

Union Cemetery was featured on The Travel Channel, where paranormal investigators consider the cemetery the most haunted graveyard in the United States, making it easily one of Connecticut’s five most haunted places. In addition to being the most haunted cemetery, it also lays claim to being the most demonic burial ground in the nation.

A Brief History of Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery was created soon after the town of Easton was established in the late 1600s. Its sprawling seven acres are the eternal resting places for veterans from most of our nation’s wars, including the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. And it continues to be an active burial ground today. 

Some of the oldest headstones in the United States are here. Unfortunately, some have toppled onto nearby graves from age, while others were vandalized. And many are so worn by centuries of wind, rain, and snow that their names and dates of death have been erased from history. Yet, modern memorials dot the landscape along with these ancient landmarks, many of them works of art in themselves. The grave of Ed and Lorraine Warren is one of those captivating works of graveyard art.  

The Warrens lived less than a mile from this nearly 400-year-old cemetery and frequently investigated it. Why not, since it was right down the road? They were also privy to the stories of neighbors and passersby who had ghostly experiences that rivaled some of their own. These Royals of the Paranormal extensively investigated this cemetery and uncovered enough paranormal evidence to publish a book about their findings called Graveyard.  

The Warrens also have a video of the “White Lady” herself, as she weaves in and out of the gravestones as if enjoying a stroll through a park. When the Warrens claim something, you can bet it’s the paranormal truth. They also claimed to have a photo. Both the video and photo are now in the custody of their daughter and son-in-law, Judy and Tony Spera. 

The White Lady of Union Cemetery

The White Lady is probably one of the most renowned entities in the paranormal world. There isn’t a serious investigator who isn’t aware of her existence. And she lives here in Union Cemetery. She is also frequently seen in the middle of Route 59, which runs alongside the cemetery.

Unfortunately, no one knows who the White Lady was or why she is buried in Union Cemetery, although several legends could justify her many appearances throughout the decades. 

One of these legends is that of the spirit of a woman murdered in the 1940s by a jealous husband. Another legend says the White Lady died in childbirth and therefore walks the afterlife feeling cheated and looking for her infant. Still, another points to a woman killed in the 20th century by the minister of the Easton Baptist Church, who then dumped her body in a sinkhole behind the church adjacent to the property.  

But, although the provenance of the White Lady is the stuff of legend, the sightings of her are real, unmistakable, and innumerable.

The White Lady is always seen wearing a long white diaphanous wedding-like dress or nightgown, with long black hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back. 

In the mid-20th century, two brothers, Frank and Beau Barberry, played at the graveyard’s edge and saw a light appear. A lady in a long white gown appeared within the light and then cried and whimpered. The boys stated a tall, dark figure behind her frightened them, and they ran from the grave. This sighting resembles another appearance of the White Lady that claims there are black “poodle shaped” entities who jump up on her as she walks as if attempting to change her direction. 

The White Lady is also seen in the middle of Route 59, tempting cars to hit her. Several drivers have gone off the road to avoid the hit, only to get out and not see her anywhere. She has also been known to fly through cars, terrifying drivers as they navigate the route. In 1993, an impact with the White Lady on Route 59 made a dent in the vehicle of an off-duty fireman.

Hours of investigations at Union Cemetery have yielded EVPs of a woman screaming throughout the tape. And countless pictures of a floating form dressed in white wafting in and out of the graves make Union Cemetery one of Connecticut’s five most haunted places

The Man with the Red Eyes

The second entity that haunts Union Cemetery is that of a man named Ed Kellog, who, for presumed adultery, was killed and set fire to the road where he burned to death. Ed frequently appears sporting a crumpled hat and long beard in the passenger seats of cars. He says nothing but looks straight ahead, then disappears. 

His red eyes are seen glowing in the cemetery at night, and he has the propensity to chase people through the graveyard.

Other Reported Paranormal Activity

Paranormal investigators report phenomena in Union Cemetery both during the day and evening. One woman, armed with a spirit box and extended microphone, said entering the cemetery during broad daylight with your tech gear ready is like entering a ‘cocktail party.’ She could clearly hear shout-outs of “Hello” and “Hey blondy!” as she passed through the graveyard. Likewise, shouts of “Hi there!” and “Over here!” made her experience more of a social outing than a ghost hunt. Clicking noises, clapping, and you can also hear knocking. And it’s all captured on video. 

Soldiers on horseback, giggling children, unexplained fogs, glowing orbs, and strange footprints are common occurrences at Union Cemetery, day or night. 

So, if you are traveling on Route 59 in Easton, Connecticut, and want to visit one of Connecticut’s five most haunted places, take a turn into Union Cemetery. The White Lady may jump in your car to show you the way.

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