Paranormal Glossary

Paranormal Terms Glossary

This paranormal glossary is a curated collection of over 100+ terms and definitions that you are sure to encounter while delving into the world of paranormal topics. Whether you’re interested in ghostly encounters, haunted locations, or exploring UFO sightings, our paranormal glossary will help you better clarify and understand related subjects.

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Also known as enchantment, black magic, or black arts, it is a form of occultic religion practiced differently in various parts of the world and usually entails magical and religious rites characterized by spirit possession and witchcraft.

Occurring in geometric patterns, the vortex describes a sought of an interdimensional portal where an enhancement of psychic ability occurs. It also describes special sites on earth where energy either enters into or shoots out of the earth.

A supernatural entity or creature, common in paranormal and parapsychology circles that appear in the form of a magically reanimated dead body and feed by sucking the vital essence or blood of humans.