Paranormal Glossary

This paranormal glossary is a curated collection of over 100+ terms and definitions you will surely encounter while delving into the world of paranormal topics. Whether you’re interested in ghostly encounters, haunted locations, or exploring UFO sightings, our paranormal glossary will help you better clarify and understand related subjects.

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Scientific Method
A logical and systematic approach using mathematical and experimental means with well-defined steps utilized to answer questions and explore observations.

A sit-down or meeting where participants try to make contact or communicate with spirits of the dead using a medium. A huge part of spiritualism

Shadow Figure
Also known as a shadow person, shadow-like humanoid figures of supernatural origin that believers in the supernatural or paranormal view as spirits, demons, or other entities.

An instance of seeing something unusual, rare, or supernatural particularly when the sighting is unexpected or unplanned for i.e., the sighting of UFOs, ghosts, or spirits.

SLS Camera
A Strained Layer Superlattice Camera is a highly sensitive and extremely fast ghost hunting gadget that uses short or long-wave thermal imaging to try and identify paranormal entities.

An individual who practices malevolent magic giving him or her the ability to acquire information, accomplish set tasks, bewitch, or enchant using occult or supernatural means. A person who practices sorcery.

Practicing malevolent magic or exercising supernatural powers derived from evil spirits. Also known as witchery, black magic, or necromancy and categorized as part of occult practices and beliefs.

The immaterial essence of humans that is thought to incorporate one's consciousness, mind, or character and usually considered immortal; living even after the body has died.

Usually describes a supernatural, bodiless, and invisible being or entity, often of malevolent nature but sometimes considered good and pure. The spirit can possess and control a human being.

Spirit Box
Also known as a ghost box, it is a ghost or spirit hunting device that allegedly communicates with spirits and senses EVPs using a frequency scan mode.

An occult, religious practice, a belief in the existence of the spirits of the dead which desire to and communicate occasionally with the living usually using a medium. It also describes the belief that the spirit is a key element of reality.

A manifestation of unexplainable, unknown, and unidentifiable order of existence that traverses or transcends the observable universe or laws of nature. It can be considered ghostly, magical, or divine for instance a god, demigod, devil, spirit, or demon.