Paranormal Glossary

This paranormal glossary is a curated collection of over 100+ terms and definitions you will surely encounter while delving into the world of paranormal topics. Whether you’re interested in ghostly encounters, haunted locations, or exploring UFO sightings, our paranormal glossary will help you better clarify and understand related subjects.

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The belief that some aspects of human beings such as the soul, consciousness, mind, or spirit continue to exist even after the physical body has passed away and ultimately gets reborn in a new physical form or body. Also referred to as rebirth or transmigration.

Rem Pod
Common with ghost hunters or paranormal investigators, this a ghost-hunting gadget that emits its own EMF and thus able to identify field strength differences within its EM field. Essentially, it detects the movement of spirits and ghosts.

Residual Energy
Similar to ectoplasm, this a form of echo or energy left by a paranormal event in some sort of glow and heat. Paranormal investigators try to find residual energy while investigating supernatural entities.

Residual Haunting
It describes repetitive and consistent paranormal activity emanating from the negative or positive energy imprint or stamp of an event or person in a certain time. Stress and trauma can sometimes cause this haunting.

A French word meaning "the returning", it is a corpse or a dead body that has risen from death as an undead creature to haunt the living after being possessed by a vengeful spirit, demonic entity, or a ghost.