Paranormal Glossary

This paranormal glossary is a curated collection of over 100+ terms and definitions you will surely encounter while delving into the world of paranormal topics. Whether you’re interested in ghostly encounters, haunted locations, or exploring UFO sightings, our paranormal glossary will help you better clarify and understand related subjects.

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A pagan refers to an individual that holds differing beliefs to the world's main religions. It also refers to those who follow a polytheistic religion, like in ancient Greece or Scandinavia.

This refers to beliefs or practices in religion, either ancient or different from the main world religions.

This refers to anything beyond the scope of what we perceive to be explainable by scientific methods. It’s also referred to as the supernatural. Paranormal is a term that covers a wide range of phenomena.

Paranormal Tourism
This refers to travelers who venture to different places in the world attributed to paranormal phenomena. Curious people travel to mysterious places to learn about the supernatural history of these locations.

An area of research surrounding the evidence for paranormal psychological phenomena, like telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis.

This is the diagram of a 5-pointed star and is usually associated with witchcraft, Satanism, and other magical practices. They were mainly used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia.

This is someone who can receive and send telepathic messages or refers to an individual whom has good insight and understanding.

This refers to something which is perceived through the senses rather than by thought or intuition. It can also be used to describe something unexplainable through science.

This when a person has the ability to move objects using the mind without any physical aid. It was a practice researched by governments heavily in World War I & II.

Place Memory
Place Memory was a term used by French historian Pierre Nora between 1984 and 1992. It may refer to any place, object, or concept with historical significance in the popular collective memory, such as a monument, a museum, or an event.

This is a ghost or spirit associated with the moving of objects or the cause of an unseen physical disturbance. Poltergeists are usually associated with aggressive spirits, but this isn’t always the case.

This refers to a gateway, usually into another realm, place of existence, or moment in time.

Demonic, spirit, or devil possession entails the holistic possession of an individual's body by devils, aliens, demons, spirits, or other supernatural entities. This episodic behavior disruption is usually dealt with through exorcism.

Closely related to clairvoyance and a form of extrasensory perception, it is an alleged psychic ability to see future events. Also known as future vision or future sight, precognition is widely associated with the parapsychology community.

Premonition or foreboding, this a feeling that something, probably unpleasant or evil, will or is about to happen. Of key importance to paranormal researchers, it is a warning of future occurrences.

The aggregate of or the occurrence of parapsychological functions of the mind such as precognition, premonition, perception, and/or psychokinesis. Closely related, or an alternative to ESP.

An individual who uses ESP to identify things hidden to normal sensory channels via sensitivity to supernatural or nonphysical influences leading to mysterious perception, vision, or understanding. Can further describe something spiritual, immaterial, or moral lying beyond the scope of physical science.

Also known as telekinesis, it is a supposed psychic ability that allows an individual to influence, move, or deform physical systems or inanimate objects through mental concentration or power of the mind.

A form of ESP that allows people to make connections or divine facts about certain objects, people, or events by making physical contact or coming close with an inanimate object.