Motion Detectors Guide for Ghost Hunters

When you have the right ghost hunting tools for your next adventure, it can make a world of difference in your investigations. For paranormal investigators, motion detectors are a crucial tool that should be part of their ghost hunting kit. This small device will alert you to any movement in its vicinity, whether a spirit or a wild animal crossing the room.

This guide will teach you all about the motion detectors used in the paranormal scene. From its history to its purpose, it’ll help you better appreciate this crucial ghost hunter’s tool.

What are Motion Detectors? 

Motion detectors, sometimes called motion receivers, are among the most affordable and convenient devices used in ghost hunting activities. It’s a small electronic device that can detect and measure sudden movements in a room. There are many types of motion detectors that use different sensor technologies such as Microwave, PIR, Ultrasonic, and Tomographic.

The most common type of motion detector used by paranormal investigators and ghost hunters are passive infrared receivers (PIR). These consist of two sensors, which measure heat energy (infrared) in the device’s environment and provide a differential reading. It sets off an alarm to inform you of the changes in values (or otherwise the motion detected) when this occurs. That means anything which emits infrared and moves past this device will be enough to trigger its alarm.

The History of Motion Detectors 

The development of motion detectors began as early as the 1940s by Samuel Bagno during World War II. He used the principle of ultrasonic waves and the Doppler effect for the first motion receiver. The only downside with his device was that it was prone to setting off false alarms. So in the 1970s, scientists like Herbert Berman modified the earlier motion detector and created the foundation of passive infrared motion receivers. 

The passive infrared motion detectors that you see nowadays use thermal sensors to detect movements based on the temperature changes in a given area. It has become a staple device in all ghost hunting adventures because of its convenience and affordable cost.

Skills Needed to Use Motion Detectors 

Like any electronic equipment, using this motion receiver for paranormal investigations is straightforward. New ghost hunters and experienced paranormal investigators alike won’t need advanced skills and knowledge when handling this tool. It also doesn’t need many resources to work, and many motion detectors allow for an electrical plug and are often optionally battery-powered.

But it’s a must to be aware of the do’s and don’ts when using this device. You should also know how it works to get more reliable readings in your ghost hunting adventures. Otherwise, your evidence may become unintentionally contaminated.

Paranormal Usage of Motion Detectors 

Motion detectors can capture the unpredictable movements of spirits based on the energy or temperature changes in an empty room. Although you’ll usually see this device as a home alarm, it can detect more than just the movements of humans and animals. It may also catch things that are invisible to the naked eye. 

Many enthusiasts in the paranormal scene believe in the theory of ectoplasm. They acknowledge that once a living body dies, it’ll continue to linger in its spiritual body. That’s what they believe motion detectors could detect. Since spiritual bodies contain massive energies, these devices can capture sudden changes when they’re near the receiver.

Why Do Paranormal Investigators Use Motion Detectors?

Paranormal investigators love bringing motion detectors with them. The primary reason is that they are among the most convenient tools available. These devices are affordable and can detect movements and temperature changes in empty rooms.

Apart from indicating the presence of an invisible entity, these motion detectors are also essential in securing areas from intrusions. Ghost hunters used string and tape to seal off rooms when conducting ghost hunts before the emergence of electronic devices. Doing this measure lets them know whether their readings and evidence are reliable.

But the development of motion detectors has changed the paranormal scene in many different ways. This small device now serves two functions at once — it seals empty rooms from intrusions and monitors movements and temperature changes from humans, animals, and even spirits.

Perceived Accuracy of Motion Detectors 

As long as something moves, motion detectors can detect them. Regardless of whether it’s a human passing by or an animal wandering around the ghost hunting scene, this device will set off an alarm when it senses a significant energy change in the empty room.

Yet there are downsides to using a motion detector. Small insects such as grasshoppers and flies can trigger its alarms. But ghost hunters can still rely on this device because of its two-in-one feature. It can detect sudden temperature or energy drops. At the same time, it can confirm your readings and prevent possible intrusions into the scene.

Alternative Uses of Motion Detectors 

Motion detectors have a broad range of uses even outside the paranormal scene. People can use this device for their homes and automobiles. It can warn homeowners of possible robberies and intrusions. It does so by setting off loud alarms to detect any movement nearby.

Car owners can also be at peace knowing they have a robust security system on their automobiles. It can tell you whether your car is near an object, preventing possible accidents. In particular, it can guide drivers when they park or turn at an intersection. These tools can also set off loud alarms to reduce the chances of your car getting stolen.

Motion Detectors for Paranormal Investigations 

For you to get the best ghost hunting experience, you’ll need a complete ghost hunting kit. It should contain the most staple tools like a motion detector to capture movements nearby.

Motion detectors are generally small, convenient, and affordable devices. The technology they use to measure movements and changes in space is well-known. They base their readings on infrared energy and temperature drops from the environment, which are often values that paranormal investigators monitor in parallel. That’s why it’s a reliable and necessary tool for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

You won’t need advanced skills and knowledge when handling this device. But you need to understand what it is, how it works, and why it’s an essential tool for capturing evidence in every ghost hunting adventure. With a motion detector, you can measure and detect anomalies in any area and begin to build up and add additional evidence to your investigations.

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