Infrared Thermometers Guide for Ghost Hunters

What is an Infrared Thermometer

An Introduction to Infrared Thermometers Infrared thermometers are electronic professional tools used to display and measure temperatures from a distance. Compared with regular thermometers, this tool stands out because of its ability to measure at a distance and without direct contact with the objects or spaces they’re used to measure. In this guide, you will … Read more

Spirit Boxes Guide for Ghost Hunters

Spirit Box Guide for Ghost Hunters

An Introduction to Spirit Boxes Does the name Frank Sumption ring any bells? We’ll give you a hint: he invented one of the simplest, most straightforward, and widely used paranormal research devices available. No, not the ouija board – the spirit box. With a spirit box, you can receive messages, from spirits and other entities, … Read more

What is a Paranormal Investigator?

What is a Paranormal Investigator

A closer look at paranormal investigators Paranormal Investigation is one of the oldest professions on Earth. In every culture since ancient Mesopotamia, historical records demonstrate how inquiry into the unknown has given rise to the identification and acknowledgment of the supernatural. Gods, ghosts, spirits, cryptids, and other paranormal activities appear in the records of every … Read more

The Role of the Occult in Science

The Role of the Occult in Science

While mention of the occult creates associations with black magic in the popular imagination, this is a simplistic view of a complex subject. The word “occult” has its root in the Latin word¬†occultus,¬†meaning “secret” or “hidden.” The similarity between the words “occult” and “cult” has caused some confusion, and popular culture has also helped to … Read more

The Paranormal World

The Paranormal World

The Paranormal industry has seen an incredible spike in recent years, with TV shows, movies, and books about alleged hauntings dominating the airways and sending chills up thrilled viewers’ spines who have an interest in ghosts, spirits, and more. With scientific advances advocating the research into the paranormal and unexplained, shows like the SYFY channel’s … Read more