5 Most Haunted Locations in Connecticut

Connecticut is notorious for the paranormal and hauntings, particularly for several reasons. First, most movies about hauntings occur in Connecticut, the most notable being A Haunting in Connecticut which spawned a few sequels. 

In addition, Connecticut is home to the most intense and infamous paranormal investigations on the east coast: the Smurl family haunting; and The Devil in Connecticut, the story of David Glatzel’s possession by the devil and the murder he committed while in a possessed state. This murder was the first time any state used a possession defense in a court of law.  

And everyone’s heard of the Salem Witch Trials, but few know they occurred in Connecticut first, then moved to Massachusetts

As if the above isn’t enough, Connecticut is the birthplace of paranormal investigations. Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, Connecticut, are considered paranormal royalty and were pioneers in the field of professional investigations. They were the first ghost hunters. The paranormal world will forever be indebted to them for their expertise, integrity, and legacy. 

1. The Mark Twain House and Museum

An Exterior View of Mark Twains House & Meseum
Mark Twain’s House & Museum, Hartford, CT

The home of the iconic American writer and satirist is haunted by the ghost of his daughter Susy who died in the house at 24 years old. Twain’s billiard room, where he also wrote his masterpieces, frequently fills with his cigar smoke, enough to set off the fire alarm and usher bring the fire engines to the door. And shadow people dart from room to room during tours, along with orbs.

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2. Union Cemetery

A View of Union Cemetery Gravestones, one of the most haunted locations in Connecticut
Union Cemetery, Easton, CT

Dubbed the most haunted cemetery in the United States and the most demonic burial ground in the nation, Union Cemetery is alive with paranormal activity both day and night. EVPs are so numerous one investigator said entering the cemetery was like “going to a cocktail party.” The cemetery is also the stomping grounds of the infamous “White Lady.” It’s right up the street from where Ed and Lorraine Warren once lived. And it’s now their final resting place as well.

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3. New London Ledge Lighthouse

An Exterior View of the New London Ledge Light House
New London Ledge Lighthouse, New London, CT

Situated atop a pier in the middle of New London, Connecticut, the only way to get to Ledge Lighthouse is by boat. Ernie, the ghost, is a legend in New London and seems to be the primary locus of paranormal activity. Mediums investigating there say he threw himself onto the pavement after discovering his young wife had run off with a ferry boat captain. Other ghostly denizens of this lighthouse turn doorknobs, pull off bedsheets, and turn electrical appliances off and on. England’s paranormal reality TV show, Most Haunted, also investigated there.

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4. The Sterling Opera House (Derby, CT)

An Exterior View of the Sterling Opera House
Sterling Opera House, Derby, CT, Image Source.

The Phantom of the Opera may not live in Sterling Opera House, but several full-body apparitions do, and they don’t want to leave. EVPs abound, footsteps, and people being touched by ghostly hands abound. Even the Mayor of Derby has experienced the paranormal here. As the restorations continue, so do the phenomena.

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5. Norwich State Hospital for the Insane

Exterior View of Norwich State Hospital, one of the most haunted locations in Connecticut.

Built initially as a treatment hospital for the criminally insane, it soon added the mentally ill, adolescents, tuberculosis patients, and geriatric patients and became overcrowded. Eugenics was cruelly practiced here, as well as other experimental procedures. When SYFY’s Ghost Hunters TV show investigated here, they said the number and quality of EVPs recorded were “Out of Control.” So are the ghosts.

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Are these the 5 Most Haunted Locations in Connecticut?

Connecticut’s deep history and involvement in early colonial days give it an edge over many other states in the union. While this list touches only on a few of Connecticut’s most active hotspots of paranormal activity, is there anywhere else you’d like to see covered? Reach out to us; we would love to hear from you.

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